Vocal - it® is a label to record and listen to share emotions!

If you are still asking yourself what it is and how Vocal – it® works, watch the demonstration video.

In just one minute you can well understand its use.


"’s the vocal evolution of the best-known Post-it *, you can record your voice memo."

Install the Vocal - it® App on your smartphone (Apple/Android 2.3 or superior) . You can install it in two ways:

Quick Download

If you already have a QR Code reader on your smartphone by framing the QR Code on the back of the card and automatically you will be guided to install the Vocal-it App.


Apple iOS

Go to the App Store in your smartphone, search for Vocal - it® and start the free download.


Open Google Play, search for Vocal - it® and start the free download.

 Now few simple steps: open the Vocal - it® App, frame the QR Code on the front of the card and you can record your 60 seconds voice message.
The voice message will remain operative 1 year from the first recording and it can be heard by anyone who owns a smartphone with a QR Code reader installed. We suggest you to use the Vocal - it® App. For any other information send us an e-mail at:

* Post-it is a registerd trademark of 3M