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Vocal - it® allows you to record your emotions on paper...and make them talk!

Vocal-it is a revolutionary system that, with any smartphone and the easy to use free App Vocal-it (Apple/Android), gives you the ability to record on paper your emotions...and make them talk!

It’s a quick procedure and you are headed step by step. Your labels to listen will be stuck on any object and shared with anyone. The voice message has a maximum duration of 60 seconds and will remain operative for 1 year from registration.

You can download the free App Vocal - it® for Android and IOS.

Download Vocal-it
download app download app For smartphones already equipped with a QR code reader, the free App Vocal - it®, can be installed by a simple reading of the Quick Download.

Vocal - it®, the voice recorder that stay in a stamp!

Smaller that a common sticky note, Vocal - it® labels to listen, follows you wherever you go.

Each Vocal - it® comes with a handy dispenser, to be able to have your voice labes always with you! A voice memo of 60 seconds will remain operative 1 year after its first recording.

There are no limits to its use. You will realize there is nothing in the world easier that allows you to associate a voice message to an object.

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